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  Fresh Air for Justice
» 766.0 KiB - 5,463 hits - March 8, 2011
FIJA's newest brochure.

  Who Owns Your Body?
» 273.4 KiB - 8,158 hits - March 7, 2011
New brochure on how to protect your ownership of your body with informed jurors.

  Jury Protection for Second Amendment
» 375.7 KiB - 7,176 hits - March 5, 2011
Vital information for gun owners and Second Amendment Supporters

  Q & A Primer
» 6.5 MiB - 7,052 hits - March 1, 2011
Two-sided, legal paper brochure. **Due to the size of this file, please download to your computer and then open. If you open directly from the link, you may receive an error that the file is corrupted.**

  New True or False Brochure
» 435.8 KiB - 8,820 hits - February 27, 2011
Same text, new graphics

  Surviving Voir Dire ~ How to Get on The Jury
» 131.2 KiB - 10,688 hits - February 17, 2011
Read this brochure to learn how to avoid being excluded from a jury, and what to do if it looks like you won't be selected.

  Powerful Poster
» 2.0 MiB - 6,437 hits - February 12, 2011
11"x17" color graphic poster

  FIJA Works To:
» 36.3 KiB - 3,110 hits - February 8, 2011
Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce corrupt laws... That is FIJA's message.

  The Jury's Secret Power
» 58.4 KiB - 9,082 hits - March 20, 2009
Two per page flyer - JUDGES MAY NOT TELL YOU THIS, but when you sit on a jury, you have the right to vote according to your conscience and to judge the law being applied to the case.

  True or False - Printable Brochure
» 210.0 KiB - 7,550 hits - March 17, 2009
True or False in printable brochure format

  The Biggest and Most Powerful Text
» 20.0 KiB - 5,057 hits - March 17, 2009
Text Only 81/2" x 11" file

  Set of Printable Masters in MS Word format
» 92.0 KiB - 2,798 hits - March 17, 2009

  Set of Printable Masters in PDF format
» 277.7 KiB - 4,341 hits - March 17, 2009