On this page you will find tips and materials to help you organize FIJA outreach efforts in your community. To coordinate your efforts with other FIJA Activists, you may find it helpful to contact one of the State Contacts for your state if one is available or to post your outreach plans in the FIJA Forum to find others in your community. If you are looking for brochures or other materials for use in your outreach efforts, you can order a variety of materials from our Media Catalog or print your own by downloading free brochures from our Library. And be sure and let us know of your efforts before and after they take place. We may post them on our News page or report on them in our newsletter or e-Bulletin!


NOTICE: Permission to copy and distribute each of the documents listed and linked herein is granted, provided that each document is reproduced without modification, with the exception that the name and contact information of the organization distributing the material may be added where applicable to the "Your Jury Rights: True or False?" brochure or the "A Primer for Prospective Jurors" brochure. Any other exceptions must be approved the by FIJA National office.

No permission is granted to modify these documents, publish unattributed excerpts, or to print, publish, or distribute any other material containing the FIJA imprint. For all other material of any nature, you must have been granted permission BEFORE publishing or distributing any such material either in hard copy or in electronic format. Please make your request to the Fully Informed Jury Association at aji@fija.org or by postal mail to FIJA; P.O. Box 5570; Helena, MT 59864.

Please review the FIJA document(s) on distributing FIJA literature prior to engaging in outreach and/or educational efforts using FIJA materials. FIJA is not responsible for any actions of anyone distributing or using FIJA literature.

When you click the link for the file you want, a download box should appear. If you want a link directly to the file to post on another website or in an email, right click the link and choose 'Copy Link'.

  Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses
» 69.0 KiB - 7,225 hits - May 26, 2011
Some useful hints and suggestions on Handing out Literature

  Jury Nullification Activism in Florida
» 140.9 KiB - 2,117 hits - February 15, 2010
The following flier, news release, letter to editor, talking points and information on how to deal with resistance gives everything you need to make a significant impact for freedom. Moreover, it only takes one hour/week of your time, very little energy or money to be successful. By Dr. Robert Dreyfus

  Jury Nullification Handouts in Florida
» 261.0 KiB - 2,800 hits - February 15, 2010
Florida Judge weighs in on jury nullification literature being handed out to jurors.

  Organizing Manual
» 38.0 KiB - 2,895 hits - January 30, 2009
A good beginning on getting a group organized to educate your neighbors

  For the FIJA Organizer
» 26.5 KiB - 2,038 hits - January 30, 2009
Welcome letter for FIJA Organizers



FIJA QR Code – When scanned with a free QR code reader app from a smart phone, this code will link the viewer to the home page of FIJA’s website. It can be printed on flyers, business cards, posters, and so on, added to your website, etc.


Electronic Billboard Graphics – These images, provided by Nathan Cox, can be downloaded and used as art for digital billboards. You or a group of friends can run digital billboard ads in your community very cost-effectively. Ads may be as inexpensive as just $100 for a week in ad rotation in some communities. Don’t forget to take a picture of your billboard and send it to us at aji@fija.org along with details of where it was placed, for how long, and how much it cost you to run the ad so we can share your outreach to inspire other activists!

Jury Rights Day banners – Use one of these banners to show your support for Jury Rights Day. Please don’t link directly to the image. Download the image and upload it to your own website.

Jury Rights Day - yellow Jury Rights Day - blue

Jury Rights Day - dark blueJury Rights Day - white

Jury Rights Day - white

Jury Rights Day - white banner