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Jury Nullification | 08 Mar 2008

Nullification: The People’s Veto Power


When you serve as a juror, you can veto bad laws ~ or good laws if those laws are misapplied in the case before you. You have the authority to render a verdict based on conscience. In many states, the court employees, including the judges, will tell you that you do not have this authority. […]


Function of Juries &Jury Nullification | 26 Oct 2006

You Can’t Have It Both Ways


You Can’t Have It Both Ways Iloilo Marguerite Jones A federal appeals court overturned the pot-growing convictions of Ed Rosenthal Wednesday because of a juror’s phone call to an attorney friend, who told her to follow the judge’s instructions or she could get in trouble. “Jurors cannot fairly determine the outcome of a case if […]


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