So You Saw the Billboard…

If you’re looking at this page, you may have seen it on a billboard and are looking for more information. Click here for our free online version of the Jury Power Information Kit (JPIK), or you may request a complementary hard copy of our JPIK be sent to you by mail by calling us at 1-800-TEL-JURY.

If you are called for jury duty, we recommend you order a Juror Survival Kit from our online Media Catalog here. The Juror Survival Kit includes everything in the JPIK, plus additional materials that are not available in electronic format.

About the Billboards

Placing billboards in prominent locations in their communities is one of the many ways that FIJA supporters around the country raise awareness of jurors’ full, legal authority to conscientiously acquit when a just verdict requires it. Such billboards are funded through the hard work and private fundraising efforts of those who take on this task and help viewers find the FIJA website for more information. You or a group of friends can run digital billboard ads in your community very cost-effectively. Ads may be as inexpensive as just $100 for a week in ad rotation in some communities. Don’t forget to take a picture of your billboard and send it to us at along with details of where it was placed, for how long, and how much it cost you to run the ad so we can share your outreach to inspire other activists!

The graphics below have been made available by their designers for free use in this effort and have already been approved by FIJA. Anyone who would like to design their own graphics for this or other efforts using the FIJA name, logos, or imprint should contact us in the office at 406-442-7800 or by email to before publishing advertising or materials in a way that suggests that the content comes from or is endorsed by FIJA. We will do a quick check of the design for accuracy of the information, to make sure that it does not suggest FIJA endorses any political party, candidate, candidate, piece of legislation, etc., to ensure that our name isn’t being used to advocate for or against any case in progress, to ensure that the design is consistent with FIJA’s mission and strategy, etc. This quick screening will help avoid expensive retractions in the event of misuse of the FIJA imprint. We have in the past, unfortunately, had to have an activist group who chose to publish their own brochure with the FIJA imprint destroy several thousand brochures they had printed that included inaccurate information about jurors’ rights.

These images, provided by Nathan Cox, can be downloaded and used as art for digital billboards.