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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification & Volunteer | 12 Dec 2015

—Volunteer Opportunity: Jury Legislation Research Volunteer


Sunset over Wisconsin State Capitol

The Fully Informed Jury Association’s national office has a strictly educational mission. We do not endorse or oppose any legislation, citizens’ initiative, political candidate, or party. However, we do monitor and track legislation for educational and informational purposes. To that end, we are seeking for the first time to crowdsource efforts to collect such information on a timely basis throughout each legislative session, beginning with 2016.

As a legislative research volunteer, you will be assigned 1 to 5 states (how many is up to you) to check on a weekly basis through an online search for all new proposed jury-related legislation. We will provide training on how to search for such legislation and how to report your findings to us.

You will report to FIJA once a week via an online form some basic information about newly introduced legislation (state, bill number, one sentence description of the bill’s jury-related provisions, and a link to the bill online). As part of our educational mission, we will present to the general public information about select legislation of interest on our jury legislation tracking web page. For examples of what information we are looking for and trying to provide for the general public, jump to Kentucky or New Hampshire on that page.

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Photo Credit: Photo of sunset over the Wisconsin State Capitol by Jake Pfaffenroth [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)], via Flickr.