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Function of Juries & Jurors Doing Justice & Jury Nullification | 04 Mar 2015

-Jurors Find Medical Marijuana User Not Guilty


marijuana jury nullification thumbnailMedical marijuana patient Jessie Teplicki turned down a plea bargain for 18 months probation after he was arrested for growing marijuana. Teplicki uses marijuana medicinally to treat his severe anorexia by stimulating his appetite and reducing nausea he experiences when eating. Teplicki argued a medical necessity defense to his jury, who found him Not Guilty after deliberating for just 30 minutes. The medical necessity defense in medical marijuana cases has been upheld in Florida in 1991 in Jenks v. State and again in 1998 in Sowell v. State Had he been convicted, Teplicki could have faced five years in prison for his victimless personal use of marijuana.

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