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Function of Juries & History of Jury Nullification & Jury Nullification & Know Your Rights | 08 Jan 2015

-“In Our Time” on the Magna Carta


KnowYourRootsKnowYourRights_symbol“King John’s a famous villian of English history, and Magna Carta happened on his watch in 1215. Does he deserve the reputation he has?”
“Well, you see most villians in the past are sort of found by modern historians to be good in parts and not good in others. John really was an absolute rotter, through and through. The worst king in English history, possibly.”

How absolutely rotten does a king have to be before he is confronted by those under his despotic rule and given the choice between signing the Magna Carta or going to war? Melvyn Bragg discusses with guests Nicholas Vincent, David Carpenter and Michael Clanchy the historical environment from which the Magna Carta emerged in 1215 and how it has been invoked in the centuries since, reading out in the very beginning of the program Article 39, the clause which codified jury rights some 800 years ago.

In Our Time: The Magna Carta

In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, FIJA will be sharing with you information on its history and lasting impact still today through a variety of special programming. We invite you to Know Your Roots and Know Your Rights!