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Function of Juries &History of Jury Nullification &Jury Nullification &Jury Rights Day | 05 Sep 2014

-When Jurors Judge the Law


Jury Rights Day and specifically the outreach event in Asheville are getting some news coverage in North Carolina! Richmond County Daily Journal reporter William Toler has written up an excellent article on the occasion: When Jurors Judge the Law Despite being fined and imprisoned, a jury refused to follow the judge’s order to return a […]


Jury Nullification &Jury Rights Day &Volunteer | 04 Sep 2014

-Online Volunteer Training for Courthouse Outreach


Will you be doing courthouse outreach tomorrow on Jury Rights Day? Are you or are you planning to be involved in an ongoing courthouse outreach campaign? We have put together a brief training video, just under a half hour long, that we invite you to review before you go out. Doing FIJA outreach at courthouses […]


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