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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 18 Sep 2014

-Oregon’s Next Assignment: Learn About Jury Nullification


marijuana jury nullification thumbnailRhea Graham of Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research writes in to the Albany Democrat-Herald in Oregon about the legal red tape that comes along with so-called “legalization” schemes that involve taxing and regulating marijuana such as limits on the number of plants one may grow, where they may be located, and so on. Such schemes allow for plenty of opportunities for people trying to obey the law to be ensnared in the complex legal web created by the new “legalization” scheme and for government to continue to punish and imprison them. She gives readers an assignment to help remedy this problem.

Mailbag: Cannabis saves lives

Your next assignment is to learn about jury nullification. Jury nullification occurs when a jury acquits a defendant, even though they believe the defendant to be guilty. Members of the jury may disagree with the law the defendant has been charged with breaking, or believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case. Remember that!

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