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Jury Nullification & Jury Rights Day & Volunteer | 04 Sep 2014

-Online Volunteer Training for Courthouse Outreach


San Diego jury nullification outreachWill you be doing courthouse outreach tomorrow on Jury Rights Day? Are you or are you planning to be involved in an ongoing courthouse outreach campaign? We have put together a brief training video, just under a half hour long, that we invite you to review before you go out.

Doing FIJA outreach at courthouses is a pretty low risk activity. Last Jury Rights Day, activists did outreach at a couple dozen courthouses around the country without incident. Still, some people have run afoul of the law while handing out FIJA literature, usually because they were not following FIJA’s guidelines. We don’t want this to happen to anyone!

There are no lawyers on FIJA’s staff and we do not give any legal advice. We do not provide legal counsel for anyone or fund anyone’s legal defense in the event they get into legal trouble while distributing FIJA literature. What sort of outreach you choose to do is up to you, and it is your responsibility not to engage in any activities which you are not comfortable with. If you don’t feel comfortable with courthouse outreach, there are plenty of other ways you can do outreach, and we’d be happy to help you find activities that are a better fit for you.

That said, for those who are ready to head down to their local courthouse and start reaching out to their community, this video is provided to share our observations from years of courthouse outreach all over the country on how to be safe and effective in your outreach work. We hope these help you to stay safe and do effective outreach to create more fully informed jurors!