Fully Informed Jury Association

Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

FIJA Calendar & Jury Nullification & Volunteer | 25 Jul 2014

-Learn About Jury Nullification in Spokane


Join The Fully Informed Jury Association and The Human Solution
on Saturday 2 August at 1:00 pm
in Conference Room 1A
at the Downtown Branch public library in Spokane, WA

At this presentation, which is free and open to the public, you will learn about jurors’ right of conscientious acquittal and how jury nullification can be used to protect peaceful people from unjust prosecutions in marijuana-related cases. Even though marijuana has largely been legalized in Washington, people are still being prosecuted for victimless, marijuana-related offenses. Jury nullification helped end alcohol prohibition in just thirteen years!

Included in the talk is a volunteer training session. We are looking to kick off a long-term juror education campaign in Spokane, so please join us!

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