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FIJA in the News & Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 02 Jul 2014

-Lamb Seeks Dismissal of Felony Charge for Jury Nullification Posting on Facebook


Jury BoxWe brought you news several months ago of so-called jury tampering accusations leveled against Luke Lamb, for allegedly sharing on Facebook a link to the FIJA website and making comments about jury nullification to someone who apparently requested the information.

Patrick A. Watts, an attorney for Lamb with the Sturycz Watts law firm, issued a press release back in March detailing the context of the charge, including what he says are political motivations behind the felony charge of unlawful communication with a juror. He noted, among other things, that the complaint against lamb was filed by the government less than two weeks before primary voting for Sheriff’s Candidate in Greene County, for which Mr. Lamb was running unopposed, and that Lamb had beeb pulled over by White Hall, Illinois police minutes after giving a speech at the one and only Greene County political candidate convention for his party this year.

Attorney Nathan Sturycz, also of the Sturycz Watts law firm, alerts us that a Motion to Reconsider has been made to the court regarding its 18 June 2014 finding of probably cause and denial of the defendant’s prior Motion to Dismiss. Here is the Motion to Reconsider (.pdf), which was filed on 23 June 2014. Yesterday, the Riverfront Times reported that Lamb’s next hearing in court would take place today, regarding this request for reconsideration.

It is, of course, very disadvantageous to government officials for jurors to be fully informed about their right to conscientiously acquit through jury nullification. This knowledge makes it harder to secure quick and easy convictions, particularly when the law is inherently unjust, when it is being unjustly applied, when the punishment is unjustly harsh for the offense committed, etc. All juror educators should be aware that, while uncommon, gratuitous accusations of “jury tampering” are one tactic that politically and otherwise biased government officials sometimes use against us. While FIJA does not give legal advice nor do we fund legal defenses, we do offer free training to activists to help them assess their own risks and implement their own plans to mitigate them so they can do jury nullification outreach with minimal risk to themselves. We also periodically review and update our outreach guidelines (.pdf), which we recommend all juror educators read and review from time to time.