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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

Jury Nullification & Volunteer | 06 May 2014

-Support FIJA Through Give Local America


GLA-fullcolorToday FIJA is participating in the Give Local America day of giving, and we would appreciate your support! Give Local America is a national day of giving working to make history as the single largest online giving day. As part of our spring fundraising campaign, and as an outreach activity to new potential constituents, FIJA will join hundreds of other non-profits across the country to ignite the spirit of giving and support causes that make our communities better—in our case by giving our neighbors the tools they need to fulfill the most important role of the juror as protector of human rights and freedom.

As the activist season gears up and we start to organize for Jury Rights Day at the end of the summer, your support is critical to equip volunteers across the country with the training and materials they need to fully inform future jurors everywhere of their right and responsibility to deliver just verdicts, even if it requires setting aside the law to do so. Your support will also help us to develop new educational outreach resources and help make them visible across the country where they can make a difference.

On this day of giving, we are asking you to do any or all of the following:
1. Support the Fully Informed Jury Association with your donation today through Give Local America. Click the Give Local America logo here to visit our donation page on their website:


2. Share our Give Local America page and encourage your Facebook and Google+ friends to support FIJA. If you are making a donation today, mentioning it can encourage your friends and followers to participate as well. Sharing a personal reason why FIJA’s mission is important to you can also encourage people to participate or learn more. The link to our page is: https://www.givelocaleverywhere.org/#npo/fully-informed-jury-association

3. Use the #GiveLocalAmerica hashtag on Twitter to encourage your followers to support FIJA this way and to introduce FIJA to a new audience. By associating FIJA’s website or message with the #GiveLocalAmerica hashtag, we make FIJA visible to those following that hashtag conversation. Throughout the day we will be welcoming from our own Twitter account anyone who has found us through #GiveLocalAmerica and encouraging them to visit our website or get a free Jury Power Information Kit.