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Jury Nullification | 15 Apr 2014

-New FIJA Facebook Page


facebookThere has long been a Facebook page set up in our name, to which we have been pointing people. The problem is that it hasn’t been very useful. We assume it was started by an enthusiastic supporter several years ago, but we haven’t been able to contact them to get admin access to the page. The page admin doesn’t seem ever to have posted, we haven’t gotten a response to multiple messages to the page, and we have no idea who started it. Neither will Facebook either tell us who that is so we can contact them or let us claim it as our own page, even though it purports to represent us.

Since we have been unable in any of several attempts of various kinds to get admin access to that page, we have started a new Facebook page to share information, coordinate outreach efforts, and so on. If at some point we are able to get admin access to the other page, the plan is to merge them into one page. Meanwhile, we’ll occasionally post over there to alert its fans that things are going on at the new page and encourage them to join us.

Theoretically, we’ve set up the new page so that Facebook fans can post as well as share FIJA-related photos and videos on it, but if there is any problem doing that, let us know and we’ll see about fixing it. Please keep posts, photos, and videos related to juries or FIJA. While many people may share your other interests outside of these topics, others may be not wish to have to sift through things unrelated to the subject of the page that do not interest them. Thank you!

The official FIJA Facebook page is located at: http://www.facebook.com/FIJANational

The link attached to the Facebook icon on the home page has been updated to reflect this, so you will always be able to reach the right page from our home page.