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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 24 Mar 2014

-Jury Nullification: The Second Amendment’s Last Stand


IMG_1132cropAs states around the country add to the ever increasing pile of regulations regarding firearms and ammunition, greatly expanding opportunities for peaceful people to be caught up in a legal morass (for example, this proponent of gun regulation who ran afoul of the very measure he worked to get passed), this article argues for jury nullification as a remedy.

Jury Nullification – The Second Amendment’s Last Stand

Lets [sic] contemplate what would happen if Connecticut went ahead and arrested 50,000 (some say as many as 350,000) citizens for non-compliance of gun registration. Now, what would happen in that State should one person on each of those juries voted “not guilty?”

First, no one would be convicted. Second, sooner or later District Attorneys would realize their only accomplishment is spending the States [sic] money in a losing effort. Third, Legislators would know the harsh truth of an unconstitutional law.

And all it takes is one person. One person to stand strong in defense of a like minded individual who is doing his part on the other side of the jury box – for himself and for the good of this Country.

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