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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

FIJActivist & Jury Nullification | 13 Dec 2013

-Minnesota NORML Hosts Talk on Jury Nullification


MNNORMLMinnesota NORML will host Kirsten Tynan of the Fully Informed Jury Association at its December monthly meeting to discuss jurors’ rights and responsibilities in delivering a just verdict, including their right and duty to conscientiously acquit when a just verdict requires it. This function of the jury is also known as jury nullification.

Jury nullification was used extensively during alcohol Prohibition, contributing to its repeal just 13 years after it was passed. Minnesota NORML’s mission is to repeal Minnesota’s cannabis prohibition laws so that responsible uses of cannabis by adults are no longer subject to penalty. With the War on Drugs destroying lives for more than 40 years now and wasting more than a trillion dollars that could be put to other use, it is crucial for everyone to be informed not only of how jurors can protect peaceful people in their communities with their Not Guilty votes, but also of how their votes ripple out beyond the courthouse to influence law enforcement and long-term policy change.

The meeting will take place:
Saturday, 28 December 2013
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Pleasant Hill Library
1490 South Frontage Road
Hastings, MN

We are working on organizing some public outreach in Hastings after the meeting. Hastings is the county seat of Dakota County, whose county attorney James Backstrom is a prominent prohibitionist in Minnesota and author of an article entitled Marijuana, America’s most dangerous illegal drug, which is too silly to link to here. Educational materials to hand out will be provided. Wear some comfortable shoes if you would like to join us!