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FIJA in the News & Jury Nullification | 09 Nov 2013

-Support for Jury Nullification on Display in D.C.


Joe Wolverton discusses in this article in The New American the billboards on display in Washington, D.C. informing everyone that “Good jurors nullify bad laws”. Wolverton points out that, despite prosecutors’ displeasure with this educational effort, jury nullification is not new and, indeed, is a fundamental element of our legal system.

Support for Jury Nullification on Display in D.C.

So, we can see that the idea that juries may act contrary to the will of a judge is nothing new in American law and in fact it is an act of resistance to government oppression that our Founders believed to be fundamental in a Republic that was to remain free under the rule of law, rather than enslaved according to the rule of men.

Activists in several states are promoting the practice of jury nullification as a way to prevent the miscarriage of justice by the judiciary and the police.

Wolverton closes with this paragraph, which closely mirrors FIJA’s home page:

The Constitution guarantees the right to trial by jury. This means that the government must bring its case before a jury of the people if government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. In defense of those “unalienable rights,” indeed, as the last line of defense, jurors can reject government tyranny by refusing to convict those subjected to prosecution for violating unjust laws.

We certainly agree!