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Jurors Doing Justice & Jury Nullification | 06 Nov 2013

-The IRS vs. Doreen Hendrickson: Hung Jury


Jury BoxA lone holdout juror who maintained a Not Guilty vote has hung the jury in the case of the IRS vs. Doreen Hendrickson. We have heard that this case involved specific jury instructions explicitly telling jurors not only that they were to accept the law as the judge gave it to them, but also that it is not a defense to the crime of contempt that the court order was unlawful or unconstitutional. If anyone has a copy of the court documents regarding the jury instructions in this case, we would like a copy to post on the website.

The IRS vs. Doreen Hendrickson: The Verdict

This morning, the jury in Doreen Hendrickson’s trial returned to the courthouse and deliberated all day. At around 5pm, they finally emerged and presented their verdict: hung jury. Hung by ONE! What a delightful victory!!!

One juror stood up to the others, stood up to the IRS (no small undertaking) and to the judiciary — who was clearly making decisions on the side of the IRS.

Judge Roberts admitted all the IRS’ evidence and almost none of the defendant’s. Her instructions to the jury were unconstitutional at best, criminal at worst.

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