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FIJA in the News & Jury Nullification | 04 Nov 2013

-Jury Nullification: Acquitting Based on Principle


DCMetroAdProfessor Paul Butler does a great job discussing the power of jurors conscientiously to say Not Guilty, even if the law was technically broken, in this NPR interview spurred by the billboards placed in Washington, D.C.

Jury Nullification: Acquitting Based on Principle
In response to former prosecutor Jeffrey Cramer’s argument against jury nullification, Butler says:

I wouldn’t have advocated this idea of jury nullification but for my experience as a prosecutor, bringing these cases right here in D.C. and just developing so much respect for the people who show up for jury duty. They’re ordinary women and men off the street and they have good common sense. So when I worked as a prosecutor, we all knew if we had some young guy who was charged with a nonviolent drug crime, these D.C. jurors were not going to send that boy to jail.

If it’s murder, rape, theft – again, these are people with good sense. They know that those are the kind of folks who do need to be separated so that they can’t hurt anybody. They were concerned – if you go to the D.C. Superior Court right now, you would think that white people don’t commit crimes. You would think that they don’t use drugs, they don’t get into fights, they don’t steal from their offices. So one way for people who know that’s not an accurate reflection of the world to fight back is to use your power as jurors.

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