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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification & Missive of the Month | 03 Nov 2013

-Missive of the Month: Jury System Could Use Some Changes


Robert Boyson of Hope Township, Pennsylvania, educates Lehigh Valley readers with this letter to the editor arguing for fully informed juries, pointing out the double standard at work when legal officials insist the jury be kept in the dark and strictly follow orders:

LETTER: Jury system could use some changes

Every common rule for juror behavior is simply a grab for power away from the jury by the entrenched legal system, by judges, lawyers, law enforcement.

  • Evidence of prior history (and other facts) cannot be presented to a jury because it may be prejudicial? Law enforcement, lawyers, judges all know of the prior history. Are they somehow less likely to be prejudiced by it than the jury? I don’t think so.
  • The judge instructs the jury with his/her interpretation of the law; the jury must follow the instructions. Thanks, but as a juror I know how to read and interpret English. Just give me a copy of the law, please.
  • Pre-emptive challenges of potential jurors by lawyers — talk about prejudice! As a defendant, I’d rather have a random selection of my peers judge me, excluding only those with an obvious conflict of interest.
  • Jurors may not discuss the case prior to all the evidence being presented? Judges, lawyers, law enforcement all discuss the case at will. What is that about?

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