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FIJActivist | 17 Oct 2013

-Liberty Activists Spearhead D.C. Jury Nullification Campaign


Liberty activists around the country have come together for a general education outreach campaign this fall in Washington, D.C. They raised cash and Bitcoin to purchase advertising in the Washington, D.C. Metro facilities, and developed the backlit advertising display you see here located at Judiciary Square on the red line. These ads encourage everyone to learn more about their rights and responsibilities as jurors, including their authority to exercise jury nullification when a just verdict requires it.

Two more ads will be going up in the area in the next few days. These ads will run for the next month at least. The advertising period may be extended if additional funds become available. Anyone interested in pitching in toward keeping this effort going can contribute via this link.

A complementary street outreach effort is being coordinated in addition to the advertising effort. Funds collected will be used to print materials for jury nullification street outreach. Activists will print brochures and glossy card for distribution beginning October 24th. Use this link to contribute directly toward the fund for literature for street outreach.

Cash donations are welcome as are Bitcoin contributions. Please note that these donation will be handled by Jim Babb. We do not process them, and they are not tax-deductible donations to FIJA.