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Jurors Doing Justice | 09 Oct 2013

-Jury Protects Disabled Man from a Year Incarceration for His Medical Condition


A Fort Collins, Colorado jury has refused to convict a disabled man for being noncooperative with police while in a disoriented state while he was just coming out of a seizure in which he suffered a head injury. While apparently nobody was either hurt or threatened during the incident, it appears that armed police officers used their observations of him reaching into his pocket as an excuse to exercise violence against him. That a man would essentially be charged with a crime for his disability shows the lack of human decency that has overtaken our legal system. Many thanks to the jurors for protecting Steven Hodges from a possible year in jail, due to an unavoidable medical condition.

Disabled man acquitted of interfering with Fort Collins police

A mentally disabled man ticketed while coming out of a disorienting seizure in May was acquitted by a Fort Collins jury and plans to file a civil-rights lawsuit, his attorney said.

Steven Hodges, 55, was walking to a store near his home last May when the seizure hit. He fell and banged his forehead on the sidewalk, suffering a large, bloody cut. Firefighters and medics were called, then police, and Hodges was uncooperative.

Hodges was found not guilty on Tuesday after a one-day trial and about 90 minutes of deliberation in Fort Collins Municipal Court. He avoided a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail on the charge of “interference with public officers,” according to the citation.