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Jury Nullification | 15 Jul 2013

-Anthony Johnson Calls for Jury Nullification in Oregon Medical Marijuana Cases


Cannabis Training University / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Cannabis Training University / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Anthony Johnson of the National Cannabis Coalition reports that even with the Oregon legislature’s passage of House Bill 3460 allowing compensation to medical marijuana growers and providers for normal and customary costs of doing business, prosecutors in Oregon continue to pursue prosecutions for activities that will soon no longer be legally categorized as crimes. What can be done as prosecutors continue to waste taxpayer dollars? Johnson calls for jury nullification in such cases.

Oregon Prosecutors Still Wasting Resources on Medical Marijuana Providers

Maybe, these prosecutors will come to their senses. Maybe, if they hear from enough of their constituents, they will realize that law enforcement resources are better utilized elsewhere and these medical cannabis providers do not deserve to be prosecuted, let alone serve lengthy prison sentences.

If these cases go to trial, hopefully jury members will know that House Bill 3460 passed, providing the rules and regulations necessary for medical cannabis dispensaries to clearly operate within the law.

These cases scream for “jury nullification” to me. While jurors are often under the assumption that they don’t have the right to “judge” the law, they always have that power, regardless of what the judge or prosecutor may say. American history is filled with jurors who nullified the law, whether to not punish those helping free slaves or those prosecuted during Alcohol Prohibition.

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