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Jury Nullification | 05 Jul 2013

-Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Predicts Jury Nullification for Snowden


Dilbert creator Scott Adams recently expressed his skepticism that any jury could be found who would convict Edward Snowden for alleged legal violations related to disclosing criminal activity by the NSA. Adams, unclear on the legal status of his right to speak his mind openly on the topic of jury nullification, does not officially advocate it, but merely predicts it.


I’m wondering how you find a jury that would convict Snowden. On the first day of the trial his lawyer will explain to all twelve jurors how the government spied on them personally. Every potential juror is also a victim. Good luck getting the victims to side with the perpetrator, which in this case is the government.

I think there’s some sort of law that says I can’t make a public statement in favor of jury nullification. Jury nullification is when jurors agree that the accused broke the law, but they feel the law itself is wrong, or that a conviction would be overkill, so they find the accused innocent. I predict that will happen. I don’t recommend jury nullification because I’m not sure I have freedom of speech in this regard. I simply predict that nullification will happen.

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We at the Fully Informed Jury Association do not give legal advice. However, we do observe that we have been openly informing people of jurors’ traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust and unjustly applied laws since 1989. There are very few cases where individuals have run into legal trouble for doing so, when they do run into trouble it typically happens in association with courthouse activity and when they are not following FIJA guidelines, and even in those very few cases they are often exonerated. Thank you to the commenters who pointed Mr. Adams and his readers to our website for more information!