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Freedom Friday & Jury Nullification | 28 Jun 2013

-FREEDOM FRIDAY: Jury Nullification Outreach in Clay County, Florida


In this week’s Freedom Friday video, we share with you more great FIJA activism informing Floridians about jury nullification! Jeff Gray (Honor Your Oath) stands outside the Clay County Courthouse in Green Cove Springs, Florida engaging interested passersby in conversation informing them about the power of jurors to protect their neighbors by nullifying bad laws and refusing to convict peaceful people.

Two good points for activists to take to heart:
1. Jeff does not advocate for or against any particular case, but only does general outreach. This helps avoid any false characterization of his efforts as “jury tampering”.
2. Jeff presents passersby with the basic introduction, but maximizes the impact he can make in the short time he has with each person by directing them to the FIJA website for further information.

Thank you so much to Jeff Gray for your time and effort in your community!