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Jury Nullification | 27 Jun 2013

-Rich Paul Appeal Funded to Go Forward


RichPaulThe fundraising appeal to go forward with Rich Paul’s appeal in his jury nullification case has been funded sufficiently to go forward with the appeal. Funds are now being raised to support additional expenses related to the appeal and in preparation for a possible retrial. Click through below for the link to the new campaign.

Back in April, Paul was convicted on four victimless offenses after the judge in his case explicitly misinformed the jury that they were not permitted to judge the law even though this right of jurors is explicitly codified in a New Hampshire informed jury law passed in 2012.

Paul notes that his appeal is not about him getting out of jail, and in fact, he will probably have served his entire sentence by the time the appeal is complete. Rather his appeal has the potential to set important precedent with regard to how jury nullification is dealt with in future cases. This doesn’t just affect him, nor does it only affect marijuana activists. It has far-reaching implications for ALL future cases in which the jury’s right to be accurately informed about jury nullification may play a role.

Rich Paul Appeal Fundraiser a Success!

The fundraising is not finished by any means. Next up we need to raise the $1,200 it will cost to get the trial transcripts from the court and while the initial retainer is covered Joshua Gordon may require more hours of work than estimated and there are other expenses that may come up. Couple that with the possibility of a retrial and the money needed is still quite substantial. Essentially, the first step of this journey is complete and now we need to prepare for the next steps.

I spoke with Rich prior to writing this and he wanted me to emphasize that this is not about keeping him out of jail but rather setting precedent in regards to Jury Nullification rights so that future defendants can confidently persuade a jury to nullify a bad law. If things work out it will also set a precedent for those ensnared by the Drug Task Force or worse, the FBI. It is entirely likely that Rich might be out of jail by the time this appeal process is complete.