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FIJA in the News & Jury Nullification | 19 Mar 2013

-Just Say “No” to Bad, Immoral, and Unjust Laws with Jury Nullification


Jury BoxThanks to Stephen Littau of United Liberty, who recently posted the following article regarding jury nullification, featuring a video from FIJA Indiana State Contact Betty Ray-Mydland:

Just Say “No” to Bad, Immoral, and Unjust Laws by Saying “Yes” to Jury Duty

There is one last line of defense, something each and everyone of us can do to stop these laws as individuals: jury nullification.

Jury duty is something that most people dread but for those who want to in some small way make a difference for the cause of liberty, serving on a jury can make a significant difference. There’s a little secret about jury service that more often than not is not included in jury “instructions” by the presiding judge: the ability as a juror to make a judgement about the very law itself.

Click through for the entire article and video, including examples of situations in which Littau would nullify as a juror.