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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 13 Mar 2013

-The Will of the People Doesn’t Mean Jack to Drug Warriors


Cannabis_sativa_(Köhler)News of a letter from former DEA officials (some of whom profit from drug-testing business and, therefore, have a vested interest in keeping it illegal) to President Obama urging him to use federal power to put down Washington’s and Colorado’s recent local votes to legalize use of marijuana in their states hit the media week. Columnist David Hummels offers some suggestions in The Western News for how peaceful people can push back against this effort to subvert local efforts to protect their own communities from government abuse of peaceful people:

The will of the people doesn’t mean jack to drug warriors

As we expose these petty tyrants, we should also seek opportunities to throw a wrench into the machinery of prohibition. A mass movement of jury nullification in drug cases may be a promising tactic.

Prosecutors can use voir dire to remove one or two questionable jurors, but what if nullification becomes widespread? They can’t remove all of us. In the future, we should view jury duty as a chance to liberate non-violent people from the state’s clutches.

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