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Missive of the Month | 11 Mar 2013

-MISSIVE OF THE MONTH: Juries Should Be Told of Nullification


Jury BoxThank you to long-time FIJA activist David Merrick of Corvallis, Montana whose viewpoint was published in the Ravalli Republic. He writes in part:
Viewpoint: Juries should be told of nullification

What most people do not know is that a juror has the right to nullify any law that they deem wrong or unconstitutional on any particular case on which they sit. And, further more, very few judges do not or will not inform the jury that they have a right to challenge any law by a “not guilty” verdict.

A good example: During the prohibition of alcohol, jury after jury acquitted individuals and businesses charged with violating laws prohibiting the use and distribution of alcohol. In fact it became so expensive to arrest and charge those who ignored prohibition because of these juries that congress repealed the 16th Amendment that prohibited the sale and use of alcohol.

Our judges should always fully inform their juries of this important fact that the jury is the defendant’s last hope in fighting injustice.

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