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Function of Juries | 07 Mar 2013

-Rand Paul’s Filibuster Attempt to Hold Obama and Holder to Jury Protection of Human Rights


C. Jeffrey Small wrote yesterday about Rand Paul’s filibuster attempt to force President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to uphold the Constitution which they have sworn to defend—including its provisions for due process and trial by jury.

Subject: Action Alert

Earlier today, Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from KY, began a filibuster of the nomination of Obama appointee, John Brennan, to head up the CIA. Paul is conducting this filibuster in an attempt to force President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to declare their allegiance to the Writ of Habeas Corpus (Section 9) and the right to trial by Jury (5th Amendment) as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. He is demanding that they state categorically that the Executive branch does not have the authority to unilaterally target for death, any American citizen on American soil who does not pose an immediate threat. So far, both have refused to make a clear declaration.

The need to take such a stand comes in the wake of the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) coupled with the administration’s recent actions to turn Homeland Security into a unconstitutional, national, military organization and transition local police into a paramilitary force, while concurrently stockpiling arms and ammo and deploying drones across America.

If you are not already concerned, then you haven’t been paying attention!

We now have a government that has gone mad with power and has no hesitation in mowing down any pesky constitutional concerns that still get in its way. Rand Paul has drawn a line in the sand and is taking a firm stand for limiting the government to its ennumerated powers and for protecting all of our rights. This filibuster is a symbolic act, and a very important one. The question is will the administration be forced to concede that their are limits to its actions, or will this filibuster simply fizzle out and soon be forgotten, along with the last remnants of our rights.

While Rand Paul concluded his filibuster in the wee hours of this morning, making his nearly 13-hour long filibuster the 9th longest in United States Senate history, the debate is not over. Work must continue to protect human rights to life and liberty from murder merely at the president’s whim by way of his infamous “kill list” .

Click through to read the entire commentary and to find out how you can continue this effort to ensure that Americans are protected by Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to due process and to trial by jury from summary execution by presidential edict without due process.