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Freedom Friday & Jury Nullification | 08 Feb 2013

-FREEDOM FRIDAY: War on Health


This week’s Freedom Friday video is long, but well worth a full viewing. When you have time, please take an hour to watch this documentary entitled War on Health, which extensively details how the legal system is abused to favor corporate cronies with government connections in the food and pharmaceutical industries by driving their competitors out of business and by keeping scientific information unfavorable to their businesses out of the public view.

Recent jury nullification cases have revolved around issues in the War on Health including voluntary use of marijuana for medical purposes and voluntary consumption of raw milk. As you watch, please keep in mind the part that independent jurors can play in protecting our human right of ownership and control of our own bodies.

If you would like to recommend a jury-related video for Freedom Friday, let us know in the FIJA forum or by sending an e-mail to us at aji(at)fija.org/aie653l.