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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification & Missive of the Month | 01 Feb 2013

-MISSIVE OF THE MONTH: Juries can check the government


Many thanks to Montana State Contact Mike Fellows for submitting the following letter to the Ravalli Republic:

Juries can check the government

The talk of gun bans continues to be heard around this nation. The Second Amendment was very clear on the issue, that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. We must protect our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. One way to protect the Bill of Rights, is by serving on a jury. The Founding Fathers saw juries, who were made up of our peers, as another check on abusive government.

So whether it’s protecting our gun rights, or protecting our rights under I-148, juries do have the power. Juries have always had the power to judge law and fact and to vote according to his or her conscience. Courts have said juries don’t have to follow the judge’s instructions, nor can juries be punished for their verdict. The judge will not inform you of these rights, but with this power we can stop unjust laws.

So when you are selected for jury duty, listen to the case and make your own decisions on guilt or innocence of the defendants. Prohibition was changed simply because juries refused to convict. Juries can send a signal to Washington, D.C. and Helena, that unconstitutional laws will not be enforced, by we the people.

Mike Fellows

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