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Jury Nullification | 16 Jan 2013

-Jurors Can Protect Peaceful Gun Owners from Unjust Firearms Prosecutions


Thanks to D.P. of Pittsburgh for his letter to SurvivalbBlog.com reminding everyone that jurors can refuse to convict defendants prosecuted under unjust laws, including unjust firearms prosecutions. And thanks also to Jim Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com for adding in a link to FIJA so that all readers may learn more about their ability to protect defendants from being punished for victimless activities.

Three Letters Re: Why Civilian Disarmament in the U.S. is Just a Statist Fantasy

IF, a ban is passed we still have options: Our judicial system was meant to provide protections from such unjust law, so we would still have the Sheriff (elected), Judges (also elected) and the jury (free peoples), who can respectively; 1) refuse to enforce, 2) refuse to try, 3) refuse to convict. If that message is made clear in local government no State prosecutor would dare bring a case in the first place. [JWR Adds: All Americans should familiarize themselves with the details of jury nullification. This may prove crucial, in the near future.]

You can only voluntarily give up/refuse to partake of your God given right (or blessing, but you can never ethically take away someone else’s (that is infringement/tyranny).

Thank you, – D.P. in Pittsburgh

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