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Volunteer | 07 Jan 2013

-Pastor James R. Grove, 1946-2013


PastorJimGroveWe have received sad news that Pastor Jim Grove passed away on 3 January 2013 at Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the age of 66. Pastor Grove served as a FIJA State Contact in Pennsylvania where he was very active in free speech, religious freedom, and jury rights issues. After a kidney transplant in August, Pastor Grove experienced complications in mid-September. He leaves his beloved wife of more than 44 years, Pearl (Bosley); his son, Jonathan; two grandsons, Noah and Nolan; and a nephew, Bruce.

Known locally for open air preaching in public, he served as pastor at Heritage Baptist Church of Loganville, Pennsylvania, an unregistered, independent Baptist Church.

Pastor Grove stood firmly against government efforts to censor his political and religious views. In 2002 in his activist efforts not related to FIJA, Grove sponsored an entry in the annual York Halloween parade featuring graphic anti-abortion images. City police prevented him from participating in the parade, and confiscated signs carried by group members. He was charged with a variety of counts including such generic charges as disorderly conduct and harassment.

Pastor Grove represented himself through a lengthy legal process. In his closing arguments at his trial, Grove displayed a chain to the jury. He informed the jurors that through their decision, they would either put the chains on the state or on the preacher. If they chained the preacher, Grove told them, they were also chaining themselves. The twelve-member jury found Grove Not Guilty on the disorderly conduct charge, and a judge found him Not Guilty on the harassment charges.

Grove and several others filed a civil rights lawsuit against York in 2003, resulting in a ruling barring city officials from excluding their entry from the parade. The city decided in 2004 to relegate Grove’s parade entry to the tail end of the parade. Arguing that in so doing city officials violated their civil rights, Grove and others again file a lawsuit against the city and again they prevailed.

In addition to open air preaching, Pastor Grove took his preaching to the air waves, producing and hosting a public TV program, “Call the Preacher”, on Public Access TV. He also broadcast a series of talks given to his church on the rights and responsibilities of jurors in a four part series. This series on the power of the jury was the basis for FIJA’s 6-part Challenge for Churches video seminar series.

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