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Function of Juries | 27 Dec 2012

Jack Klugman, Last of the 12 Angry Men, Dies at Age 90


And then there were none… Jack Klugman, last of the 12 Angry Men, dies aged 90

American actor Jack Klugman passed away at the age of 90 on 25 December. Among many other accomplishments, he is notable for his role as Juror #5 and having been the last surviving cast member of the original 1957 film edition of “12 Angry Men”.

This classic movie reminds us of the power and importance of a single juror’s vote and voice in ensuring liberty and justice for all. If you haven’t seen this film, we suggest you check it out. A screening with family and friends is a great opportunity to introduce others to the tradition role of the independent juror in our justice system!