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FIJA in the News & Jury Nullification | 20 Dec 2012

Jurors Shouldn’t Wait for States to Nullify!


Jury nullification and FIJA get a nice mention in this article in The Guardian Express about state nullification.
Can States Nullify Federal Law?

Juries have the right to nullify bad laws by finding a person accused of violating a bad law not guilty. Famous cases of jury nullification included an abolitionist accused of harboring fugitive slaves, and more recently a state-registered user of legal medical marijuana accused under federal law of possessing marijuana. Judging the law as well as the accused is one of the reasons we have trails by jury.

Richard Michael, a common law advocate, is quoted in the article explaining the power of jury nullification:

Nullification on the State level is one thing. That takes a lot of popular support. The most effective thing that the people can do is to use their own nullification power when they sit on juries and grand juries. ( See http://fija.org/ ) When government attacks individuals through the legal system, those individuals are virtually defenseless. The inability of the government to convict people because of the refusal of juries to cooperate during the Prohibition Era lead directly to the end of those laws.

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