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Volunteer | 18 Dec 2012

NJWeedman – Jury Nullification Tour


We want to let you know about Ed Forchion/NJWeedman’s Indiegogo fundraiser for a jury nullification tour. NJWeedman is going on the offense, rigging up his weedmobil with cameras/audio and a plan to make a reality show series out of his adventures this spring. For the first segment he will travel from Los Angeles back to New Jersey in early January. On January 17th NJWeedman must appear one more time before Judge Delehey the Burlington County Court, from there he plans on touring the country to promote jury nullification. You can contribute to Ed through his Indiegogo campaign below. As we post this, there are just 64 hours left to go in the campaign, so check it out now if you want to contribute!

(Note that donations to this campaign go directly to Ed. FIJA does not receive these funds and does not issue a tax receipt for any donations made to this campaign.)