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Jury Nullification | 14 Dec 2012



This week’s Freedom Friday video is another look into the world of voir dire from the lawyers’ points of view. Understanding how lawyers play games to stack the jury during voir dire is very helpful in surviving voir dire, and surviving voir dire is key to making sure there is at least one informed juror such as yourself deliberating in the case at hand. Remember, lawyers are not there to see that justice is done- they are there to win the case. It is jurors who act as independent judges of the facts of the case and the fairness of the law as it is applied to ensure a just verdict is delivered.

Some highlights:
-Lawyers learn to nod to keep potential jurors talking so that they will disclose more information than required.
-Lawyers ask open-ended questions to encourage potential jurors to volunteer more information than necessary.
-Lawyers are taught to encourage potential jurors to grandstand about their beliefs so they can figure out who are “bad apples” that they will deselect from the jury.
-Lawyers consider people who are not easily susceptible to herd mentality to be very dangerous to their cases, and seek them out to eliminate them from the jury.

This short 11 minute video has many other eye-opening points about how lawyers can manipulate potential jurors during voir dire to eliminate anyone who is not favorable to their side of the case at hand. Definitely worth watching all the way through! WARNING: Watch this video SOON! The last time we linked to a video like this, the video was quickly made private.

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