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Freedom Friday | 07 Dec 2012



While FIJA does not advocate for or against any particular case, we bring you for informational purposes this week’s Freedom Friday video. In this short video, you will hear directly from defendant Steven Marlowe who has refused a plea deal for a marijuana possession misdemeanor charge. Marlowe uses marijuana medicinally instead of commercially sold pain pills and was arrested merely for possessing 19 grams of it. He is instead demanding a jury trial and risking a potential sentence of a year in jail and a $1000 fine. His first court date is 12 December at the Sumter County Courthouse in Bushnell, Florida. He reports that he was previously acquitted by a North Carolina jury in just 30 minutes after he was charged for the victimless offense of smoking a joint. Says Marlowe of his hopes for the outcome of his case, “I just hope that the good citizens of Florida who sit on my jury see fit to say ‘Not Guilty’… I’m just a 64-year-old man that wants to be left in peace.”

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