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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 03 Dec 2012

Nullification and Secession?


In this commentary on the The Washington Times Communities website, author Tom Mullen compares three ideas for protecting individual rights: secession, state nullification, and jury nullification. Compared with secession and nullification as exercised by state governments, Mullen points out that jury nullification is the most peaceful option and that it “gives us the home court advantage.”

Nullification and Secession? Juries can nullify Obamacare and the Drug War with much less drama

There is nothing the judge, the federal marshals or even the president and his army can do if the jury acquits. It doesn’t matter how overwhelming the evidence was against the defendant. It doesn’t matter what the judge’s instructions were to the jury. Once the jury votes to acquit, the defendant walks. The jury is dismissed. The government can only do one thing. It can pound sand.

Jury nullification is the most peaceful means to settle what everyone claims are deep, political divisions within our federal republic. It doesn’t require violence. It doesn’t require civil disobedience. It only requires one thing. For Americans to start acting like Americans again and refuse to do what they believe is wrong just because some lawyer in a government costume tells them to.

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