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Jury Nullification | 27 Nov 2012

Letter to the Editor: How the Public Can Protest Our Insane Policy on Pot


The people of numerous states have voted to legalize medical marijuana in their communities, and two more have voted to legalize it for other uses as well. Other communities have voted to make enforcement of victimless marijuana violations the lowest law enforcement priority in their areas. But Richard B. Stofberg of Baltimore, MD reminds us in this letter to the editor to The Baltimore Sun that we ALL already have the power to protect our neighbors from being harmed for their peaceful, victimless activities.

How the public can protest our insane policy on pot

Not only does the government waste precious resources arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating those involved with marijuana, it ruins the lives of millions of our fellow citizens by making them criminals.

Since politicians are always the last to change course due to their fear of being labeled “soft on drugs,” the public can do something right now through the process known as jury nullification: If called to serve on a jury, simply refuse to convict anyone charged with marijuana possession

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Many thanks to Mr. Stofberg for getting the word out about the full authority of jurors!