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Media Catalog | 22 Nov 2012

Now Available: Freedom Calendars and Calendar Gift Packs


You can support FIJA’s educational efforts while informing family and friends this holiday season by giving the gift of a 2013 Freedom Calendar or our special Freedom Calendar Gift Pack.

2013 Freedom Calendar Gift Pack

FIJA’s 2013 Freedom Calendar Gift Pack contains one 2013 Freedom Calendar, a copy of Harvey Wysong’s essay The Jury’s Business is Justice, a copy of the Citizens Rule Book, and an assortment of FIJA brochures. All of these goodies are packaged in a white envelope suitable for mailing to friends and family. This makes a great gift for anyone!

Our Freedom Calendar Gift Packs sell for $20 plus shipping and individual calendars alone are just $10 each plus shipping. They can be ordered from our online Media Catalog. Limited quantities are available, so order soon!