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FIJActivist & Volunteer | 16 Nov 2012

Faces of FIJA Needed!


We are working on the next edition of our newsletter, The American Juror. In this edition, we will be featuring “Faces of FIJA”, and we are asking for your participation.

FIJA invites all of our state contacts, speakers, and activists, to submit photos of themselves along with their names and locations. We hope you will participate! Simply e-mail us a good quality digital head shot photo of yourself which we can print in the newsletter. It should be approximately 2 inches by 3 inches. Color is preferred, but black and white is fine.

We’d also like to know about FIJA activities in which you have been involved. Please send us a few sentences letting us know of any presentations, literature distribution, interviews, and anything else you’ve been involved with at any time up to now.

The due date is 1 December 2012. Simply attach your photo to an e-mail and send it along with your activities to aji@fija.org for inclusion in the newsletter.