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FIJA in the News & Function of Juries | 26 Oct 2012

Supermom vs. the Gutless Wonder That Is a Jury


Becky Akers discusses the recent case of Andrea Abbott being convicted of disorderly conduct for verbally objecting to a TSA agent groping her 14-year-old daughter and herself. Jurors convicted Ms. Abbott of “disorderly conduct”-a charge that is liberally brought against defendants who don’t meekly submit to intrusive and abusive orders from government agents. This case illustrates yet again why we need independent, fully informed jurors, unwilling to obediently rubber stamp government prosecutions of people who do not compliantly submit to violations of their basic human rights.

Supermom vs. the Gutless Wonder That Is a Jury

You may remember Andrea Abbott: she was Mother of the Year in 2011 when she protested the TSA’s ogling and groping of her teen-aged daughter at Nashville International Airport. “According to an affidavit, Abbott first refused to allow her daughter – then 14 – to go through a body scan machine, saying she didn’t want ‘someone to see our bodies naked.’” Good for her! If Leviathan employed normal people instead of psychopaths, the TSA’s perverts would have profusely apologized for their voyeurism and pedophilia and slithered back to their sewer.

I occasionally hear from intrepid readers who vow to defy the TSA when it attacks them or their families at the checkpoint. I always advise against this: a far more effective and prudent course is to avoid nationalized aviation no matter what. Defiance so mild or natural that no rational person would recognize it as such – for really, what is more natural than a mother’s fight to protect her child? – will result in arrest. These folks then respond, “Fine, let the TSA call the cops, because any jury will exonerate me.”

Au contraire. Courts and juries were once more of a viable weapon against tyrants, and intended to be so, too: the Founding Fathers could not conceive that self-respecting adults would side with a dictatorial, abusive government against one of their own, that they would applaud the State’s savaging of a citizen who has done nothing wrong or, in Ms. Abbott’s case, behaved heroically.

Tragically, juries have degenerated until they are nothing but another of the State’s tools.

I applaud the vital and essential work of the Fully Informed Jury Association, but they struggle with a Herculean task. Until they succeed, no dissident should ever gamble his life and freedom on twelve snot-nosed, squalling babies.

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