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Jurors Doing Justice | 18 Oct 2012

N.J.’s ‘Weedman’ Found Not Guilty


N.J.’s ‘Weedman’ Found Not Guilty

Ed Forchion, known as New Jersey’s ‘Weedman’, was found not guilty on charges of distribution on Thursday.

The jury deliberated for one hour before returning a 12-0 vote of not guilty.

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Mr. Forchion had some post-victory comments:

This was a particularly malicious prosecution against Mr. Forchion. Both a prosecution witness and a defense witness in his case reportedly testified that it’s a matter of policy to charge everyone caught with a certain amount of pot or more with “distribution” regardless of lack of other evidence. The prosecution apparently assumed that it didn’t have to prove the charge, but rather that it could lead the jury into assuming that possession of a certain amount of pot should automatically be interpreted as an intent to distribute.

Mr. Forchion prevailed in spite of the deck being egregiously stacked against him. He went toe to toe with a tax-funded prosecutor flush with resources, bullying him with a malicious charge he couldn’t make a case for- even on the second try! He made his case to the jury in spite of the judge in the case carefully filtering out pertinent information to keep the jury from considering it in their deliberations.

We thank the jurors for their service and for delivering justice to a peaceful individual who has harmed nobody. Mr. Forchion was previously convicted of marijuana possession, but his conviction of that victimless offense is being appealed.