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FIJA in the News & Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 25 Sep 2012

Raw milk advocates hope jury nullification saves farmer


Bruce Vielmetti of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses jury nullification and its use in cases where defendants are accused of various victimless violations related to raw milk.

Raw milk advocates hope jury nullification saves farmer

Supporters of a Wisconsin dairy farmer facing a criminal trial for selling raw milk hope they can turn up interest in jury nullification among residents of Sauk County who might be seated to hear his case.

As Rick Barrett reports in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Washington-based group defending the farmer thinks the approach can work. In fact, a Minnesota farmer was recently acquitted of similar charges there, mostly likely because of jury nullification.

While rare, nullification does come up in emotional cases like those involving anti-abortion activists, tax protesters and some drug cases — but also in any case where the jury can be persuaded that to follow the law would be an injustice.

There’s even a national organization devoted to the topic, the Fully Informed Jury Association. It believes juries should always be told, not just the law applicable to the case they’re considering, but also that they have the power and authority to follow their conscience.

According to the FIJA website, the primary purpose of the jury is “to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by government.”

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