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FIJA in the News & Jurors Doing Justice & Jury Nullification | 22 Sep 2012

FIJA Applauds Jury’s Acquittal of Alvin Schlangen in Raw Milk Case


FIJA Applauds Jury’s Acquittal of Alvin Schlangen in Raw Milk Case

21 September 2012
Helena, MT
For Immediate Release

The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) applauds a Hennepin County jury for today’s acquittal of Minnesota farmer Alvin Schlangen of three misdemeanor charges related to raw milk distribution. Schlangen was charged with victimless offenses of selling unpasteurized milk, operating without a food license, and handling adulterated or misbranded food.

While he doesn’t produce milk himself, Schlangen picks up milk products from a farm and delivers them to members of the Freedom Farms Co-op. The co-op is a private club with approximately 130 members.

“Minnesota has long had highly visible FIJA Activists volunteering their time and efforts to educate every potential juror in Minnesota about the right of the people to veto bad laws through the use of the Juror Veto, or, as it is commonly called, Jury Nullification. As laws become more and more invasive, punitive, and draconian, prison populations become more and more peopled by harmless, productive people, who have harmed no other person. Jurors can stop the enforcement of bad laws. Jurors have stopped bad laws since freedom of religion was defended by jurors, and by later jurors who refused to enforce slavery. We, the owners of all government, retain the peaceful, lawful right to refuse to enforce bad laws made by some judge or politician. Courageous jurors have always stood firm—for the human rights of their families and neighbors—by refusing to sanction bad laws. The right of the People to drink the milk of their choice, and to feed their children healthy foods, is a human right.” said FIJA director Iloilo Jones.

“We have been following this case as well as the Vernon Hershberger raw milk case in Wisconsin. It is extremely encouraging that the jury in this case delivered justice to Mr. Schlangen by refusing to punish him for entirely peaceful actions which harmed nobody,” said FIJA outreach coordinator Kirsten Tynan.

FIJA is a non-profit association dedicated to educating the general public about their full rights, powers, and responsibilities in delivering just verdicts as trial jurors. The organization publishes and distributes educational literature and maintains a web site at FIJA.org to inform the general public of their Constitutional authority to protect human rights by refusing to enforce bad laws. FIJA encourages all jurors to consult their consciences when deliberating over a case, and to refuse to enforce any law that violates the human rights of the defendant.

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