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Jury Rights Day | 02 Aug 2012

Jury Rights Day Banner Featured on Wisconsin Raw Milk Association Website


As we gear up for Jury Rights Day on 5 September, we will be featuring outreach opportunities for you to spread the message about jurors’ rights so that more jurors are fully informed when they serve on juries. Today we are highlighting the website of the Wisconsin Raw Milk Association. Click through and scroll to the bottom of their home page to see one of FIJA’s Jury Rights Day web banners with a link back to our website.

Who is the Wisconsin Raw Milk Association? In their own words:

When this group began, we didn’t have an official name; just an online chat group to help busy producers come together and support one another. Shortly thereafter, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection [DATCP] began a calculated and strategic shut down of dairy farmers across the state. Their offense? Working within the present law system to legally sell fresh, unprocessed milk to the consumers who were asking for it. The DATCP quietly amended such laws to their own interpretations and were clear to hunt down and threaten any farmer not selling milk to a pasteurization plant. They even targeted small dairies with fewer than ten cows that did not sell commercially.

Who are we, you ask?
Nothing but the finest folks from Wisconsin only wishing to have their right to food choice recognized by law, in order to stop harassment from DATCP and other government regulators. Let this be the Dairy State in its purest form. Help Wisconsin lead the way in the food revolution!

Featuring a Jury Rights Day banner on your website is an easy and free way to spread the word about Jury Rights Day and jurors’ rights. Simply download the free graphic of your choice from our online Library, upload it to your website, and link back to FIJA. Then let us know and we may feature your website here, in our newsletter, or elsewhere.