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eBulletin | 18 Jul 2012

RIP Lawrence Burnham Dodge 1942-2012


First FIJA Board Meeting

First FIJA Board Meeting
Front row, left to right: Larry Dodge, Don Doig, Honey Lanham Dodge, Larry Pratt
Back row, left to right: Gary Dusseljee, Iloilo Jones, Kathy Ballard

Larry Dodge, who co-founded FIJA with Don Doig in 1989, escaped on Tuesday, 17 July 2012, from the police state he spent much of his adult life trying to put back into its box. A staunch libertarian and defender of the Common Law and free markets, Larry lived his life according to his conscience. His interests and efforts spoke consistently of a man devoted to justice, liberty, and individual freedom. He and his wife Honey “escaped” the United States for several years, making their homes in countries they found more free and unfettered for the peaceful and productive. They returned in recent times to be closer to family.

Larry, throughout his escapes and returns, continued to share insights and commentary with us here at FIJA, long after his retirement, often sending along his views on various political and judicial events in this country. His insights, early vision for FIJA, and his indefatigable efforts on behalf of the Constitution and Bill of Rights reached into many areas of freedom, from politics to political asylum.

I first met Larry in 1990, when he and Don met with me at the D-M Restaurant (for those of you not brand readers, that’s D Bar M) in Drummond, Montana, where we began to lay out the plans for the organization, its board, and first board meeting of FIJA, the growing organization which they had begun about a year earlier, throwing themselves into the message and mission with energetic and passionate zeal. They were both on fire with the message of independent, conscientious, informed jurors!

There is a photo of our first FIJA board meeting on our web site. Honey was there, too. It was a boost to spend time working with them, and we enjoyed many days and evenings at FIJA’s initial small headquarters in Helmville, Montana, talking about liberty, truth, and justice, and taking turns filling the wood stove on cold winter afternoons. Larry had his first bout of poor health while still in Helmville. An air ambulance was called to fly him down the Blackfoot River to Missoula. He recovered and eagerly jumped back into the effort. He was not done with his work. He never stopped being a freedom fighter.

Larry and Doug were friends, having met in Alaska, where Doug also met Honey. Doug joined FIJA in 1993, and he and Larry often corresponded, honing their sharp minds against each other’s thinking. Doug enjoyed Larry and spoke of him often.

Larry’s passion, intelligence, and vision will be missed by all of us here at FIJA, and throughout the far-flung community of freedom fighters around the globe. We have lost a good friend. We all send love and sympathy to Honey, with lots of hugs.

We carry on.

Bon Voyage, Larry. We are all missing you already.

Much Love,