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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 09 Jul 2012

Jury Can Help Prevent ‘Raw Milk Prohibition’


Brian Wickert,certified biodynamic and organic farmer and president of the Wisconsin Raw Milk Association, discusses the power of the jury to protect freedom of food choice:

Brian Wickert: Jury can help prevent ‘raw milk prohibition’ here

On Sept. 24, Loganville dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger will be tried before a jury in Sauk County Circuit Court on four criminal misdemeanor counts accusing him of violating the state Food and Dairy Code. The case has drawn widespread attention in Wisconsin, with Vernon’s supporters rallying to his cause.

A question that has been raised about the trial is: Can the jury hearing the case legally engage in jury nullification and return a verdict of “not guilty” even if the facts and the law of the case point toward guilt? The answer is, according to our attorneys, an emphatic “yes.”

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